Following the sale of his business in 2000, Neil Fogarty launched Eskil.  Operating under the brand NM Holland Advisory Services, the new business worked with Associates and Partners, focusing on UK organizations seeking to develop their business growth activities.

Specializing in the sales aspect of an enterprise, the business quickly garnered a reputation of success.  This included taking a start-up enterprise from zero to £6m revenue opportunity (50% margin) within six weeks.

Over the years, NM Holland worked with startups and SMEs in the UK culminating in the turnaround of a business services company, growing revenue by over 1400% with a £240,000 EBITA.

This heralded the use of the brand Spark Global Business for the work in the Middle East.


Spark began working with a £20m sales team within a £240m UK Plc, specializing in consultancy to the public sector.  This heralded a shift in the way we operated as began to blend our skills in performance coaching, commercial awareness, conflict resolution and collaborative intelligence into a larger corporate solution.


In response to the impact of the market crashes, we began to focus more of our time on the Middle East – beginning with seminars and consulting in UAE before extending into Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain.

After our first series of engagements in UAE and Egypt, we began to work with a business services company led by two partners, Gaby Saghbini and Elias Fikany.  From the outset, Gaby and Elias provided mentoring to Neil in how to work effectively in the Middle East as well as co-facilitated workshops, projects and consultancy to a growing number of clients in The Gulf.


Michelle Williams joined the business as Operations Director.  Her experience in the Internal Verification of training programmes helped to redefine our training.

During 2012-2014, our work matured into such areas as intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, leadership development, and working with high-impact individuals.

A major project at this point included the design & build of a $1.2bn model for training 1 million Africans in entrepreneurship coupled with a further $1.5bn program for the formation of co-operatives to provide complete supply chains in the areas of cassava, chicken, cocoa, coffee and cashew nuts.


Spark began to actively promote its experiences in corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship) which included a range of speeches in The Caribbean, Europe, Asia and Middle East. We kicked off a long-term engagement with a UK local government organization where we provided training in such areas as commercial awareness, design thinking, and intrapreneurship as well as facilitated business laboratory sessions, mentored key transformation team members and the formation of new service units.

In 2016, the UK client was recognized as an ‘entrepreneurial council’.

Further activity included scoping of an innovation centre and the business case / business plan for a co-working space.


We began to build a network of Associates and Partners with a focus on facilitation and psychology. As our engagements are on four continents, we also sought bi-lingual expertise, giving us access to facilitators fluent in Arabic, French, German, Italian, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish.

A notable project included research and recommendations feeding into customer-centred design for welfare & benefits claimants in the UK.

In 2016, the client was recognized for its award-winning gateway service.


After working in partnership for over five years, Spark Global Business and Spark Najah took the decision to merge which led to the formation of Eskil.

A key factor in the formation of the new entity was the alignment of vision and values.


Sue Smith MBE was appointed as Chair of Eskil with responsibilities including the guidance and stewardship of the board, leadership development of individual board members, and monitoring of the governance and compliance of the business.


Complementing our corporate facilitation work in the Middle East, Eskil has leveraged a partnership in Croatia to secure assignments in the banking & finance sector.

In addition, Eskil is working with clients in IT services in both Croatia and Bulgaria.

Still headquartered in the UK, Eskil has set in place a sales & marketing program for the local market as well as a campaign to recruit certified facilitators and trainers.

Work has begun on our 2019 strategy to open a GCC branch office as well as a branch office in Italy to support our expansion in Central and Southern Europe.

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