Eskil delivers Middle East Training in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - this includes over 100 facilitation activities and serious games including applied business psychology, communications, behaviours

At Eskil, we use applied business psychology, communications and behaviours as the foundation to much of our facilitative leadership work.  We make use of recognised tools, methods and approaches to create meaningful learning & development.

Using Applied Business Psychology as a foundation to our short courses and programs, Eskil is an agnostic educator – we use whatever tools, methods and approaches work best to deliver superior results for our delegates.

This means that we have access to an array of psychology and technology tools that make our offering truly unique.

Members of our team are certified to work with such tools as Emotional Intelligence, MLQ 5X, ALQ, LEQ, and ODQ.

As pre-work to any of our learning & development interventions, participants are invited to complete assessments in such areas as

  • ECR Emotional Intelligence
  • MLQ 5X leadership types
  • ALQ authentic leadership
  • LEQ leader’s efficacy
  • ODQ organizational description
  • POIS organizational influence strategies
  • State-Trait anxiety inventory

Additionally, we refer to Leader Language : LLQi®, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Time Line Therapy (TLT) and Mindfulness in our short courses and programs.

To organise a discussion regarding Middle East training:

Contact: Elias Fikany
Cell: +961 70 104 265

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