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Latest Associate Facilitator Joins Eskil

Business consultant and senior L&D professional in Egypt signs up as an Eskil Associate

WARWICK, UK, July 1, 2018 – the international boardroom development company, Eskil ( has signed papers with the Egyptian business consultant and L&D professional, Ahmed Reda in the role of Associate Facilitator.

Ahmed Reda is an Associate Facilitator in the Middle East - a facilitator, trainer and consultantAhmed has over a decade’s experience in the field of L&D and this positions him will as a consultant working with colleagues in Eskil Middle East Learning & Development.

He joined MSA University in 2014, working in the Training and Organization Development department where he started to utilize his diverse background in training including designing materials and training development.

He currently holds the position of Senior Learning and Development Supervisor as well as acts as a Corporate Business Consultant for multinational companies.

Prior to MSA, Ahmed has held positions with Dale Carnegie Training and New Horizons.

We had worked with Ahmed on a series of conferences and workshops in Egypt and knew of his reputation as an  engaging and effective professional.   His outlook and creative talents are a fantastic fit with Eskil as we strongly believe that people learn more through activity and play.

(Neil Fogarty, CEO, Eskil)

Ahmed has trained, coached and consulted with over 20,000 people in more than 50 corporations with different backgrounds.

In addition, Middle East clients are able to access Ahmed’s experience in training delivery, training needs assessment, course instructional design, material development and business consultation. 

When we first heard about Ahmed, we knew that he had the right kind of skills, experience and personality for our business.  We particularly like his approach to business as it is the same as ours: we learn through play.  Our business games and serious games fit well with his own extensive experience in the local market.  He will be a valuable Associate Facilitator to Eskil.

(Gaby Saghbini, Eskil Middle East Learning & Development)

About Eskil

With an emphasis on organizational health, Eskil is an international boardroom development company, specialising in governance, compliance, ethics, strategy, leadership capability, boardroom dynamics and wider organization transformation / development.

Using their Eskil PGCE® methodology, the organization engages with public and private sector organisations on four continents:

  • Projects – assigned by boards or board members to work on discrete projects.  This also extends into senior support of business-critical programs.
  • Guidance – with a strong foundation in business psychology, Eskil provides executive coaching, mentoring and critical friendship to board members, senior leadership teams in senior management teams.
  • Consultancy – working on behalf of boards and board members in such areas as policy, audit, and review.
  • Education – delivery of seminars, briefing sessions and broader learning & development in leadership, board dynamics, collaboration, strategy, intrapreneurship and more.

Facilitators within Eskil’s network are former CEOs / Directors for $50m+ organizations or leadership experts.  The majority of the facilitators are multi-lingual and have a background in applied business psychology.

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Contact: Ahmed Reda
Tel.: +44.1527.852.405