Eskil is an international boardroom development company - based in Europe, operating on four continents, Eskil delivers projects, consultancy, training and mentoring to CEOs and Directors

Boardroom Development Company launches

Spark Global Business and Spark Najah merge to create an international business consultancy.

WARWICK, UK, February  2, 2016 – after working in partnership since 2011, the UK business services company Spark Global Business has merged with it’s Middle Eastern representatives, Spark Najah to create a European-based enterprise, Eskil (  The Middle East Training aspect of Eskil is branded as Eskil Middle East Learning & Development (

One of the key drivers for the formation has been to consolidate and centralise the cost base whilst also ensuring a better flow of information between the European and Middle Eastern entities.  In addition to this, a number of service and product lines have been removed to help the organization to focus specifically on building future boardrooms and stronger businesses.

Elias Fikany and Gaby Saghbini were the Lead Partners of Spark Najah in The Middle East - now they are responsible for the MENA region of Eskil, the international boardroom development company

Gaby Saghbini, one of the Lead Partners in the Middle East says, “We first worked with Spark in 2011 in Kuwait training 120 people within a telecoms company.  We really responded to the enthusiasm of the business and the focus on customer excellence.

We were soon in Qatar training people as well as providing consultancy in conflict resolution and team building.  Since then, we have co-worked on numerous initiatives and we knew, at some point, that our businesses would merge and we now look forward to the next step on our journey together”

Co-Founder of Spark Global Business, Neil Fogarty is CEO of the new company with Gaby Saghbini and Elias Fikany sitting on the main board and leading on MENA (Middle East & North Africa) activities.  The primary focus of the MENA organization is Middle East Training.

Michelle Fogarty sits on the main board with responsibility for the development of Eskil’s Facilitator network.

“The first board action is to identify a suitable Chair who will take on the responsibility for ensuring the governance and compliance of Eskil whilst providing a guiding hand as we look to expand our commitment to GCC training.”

(Neil Fogarty, CEO, Eskil)

About Eskil

With an emphasis on organizational health, Eskil is a organizational development company, specialising in leadership (governance, compliance, ethics, strategy, capability, boardroom dynamics), high performing teams, and individual excellence.  This work has great correlation with culture and transformation.

Using their Eskil PGCE® methodology, the organization engages with public and private sector organisations on four continents:

  • Projects – assigned by boards or board members to work on discrete projects.  This also extends into senior support of business-critical programs.
  • Guidance – with a strong foundation in business psychology, Eskil provides executive coaching, mentoring and critical friendship to board members, senior leadership teams in senior management teams.
  • Consultancy – working on behalf of boards and board members in such areas as policy, audit, and review.
  • Education – delivery of seminars, briefing sessions and broader learning & development in leadership, board dynamics, collaboration, strategy, intrapreneurship and more.

Facilitators within Eskil’s network are former CEOs / Directors for $50m+ organizations or leadership experts.  The majority of the facilitators are multi-lingual and have a background in applied business psychology.


Contact Information
For further information about Eskil:
Contact: Neil Fogarty
Tel.: +44.1926.497.211