Eskil works with organizations to build boardroom success - our executive facilitators work on 4 continents in both public sector & private sector boards

In our experience, one of the critical success factors for an organization is to have the leaders acting and delivering as a board.  We need an environment that is build on collaboration.  Boardroom success drives your organizational success and so your leaders need to be facilitative leaders.

It is essential that there are areas of agreement and conflict in the boardroom as this is one of the best ways for the entity to evolve. But what happens when it breaks down?

There are many organizations who can work with you on the rules, composition and procedures of a board.  Eskil goes beyond this to also work with your psychology, behaviours, communications and wider collaborative intelligence.  In the process, we mediate conflicts, carry out individual performance intervention & turnaround and deliver tailored learning interventions.

One of the common causes of leadership decline in an organization is boardroom disunity*.

Blended approach to board success

Looking at the board as a collective, our model supports boardrooms in the issues of:

  • Dynamics – facilitation, mediation, conflict resolution, board composition, collaborative intelligence, communications; board psychology
  • Decisions – psychology of decision-making, problem analysis, critical thinking, decision-making techniques
  • Co-creation of ideas, models and ventures
  • Finance – working with your audit partners as well as review of annual budgets, program budgets, ROI measurement
  • Investment – effective investor relations, working with shareholder appointed directors, proposal reviews
  • Risk – risk reviews, risk assessment, building and mitigating the risk register
  • Strategy – strategy frameworks, competitive positioning, transformational strategies (e.g. intrapreneurship)
* Eskil Leadership Survey, June 2018

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