Focused Learning

Eskil’s Middle East Training  is all about focused learning.  We consider focused learning to be something that goes beyond the delivery of short courses and programs but becomes an integral part of your strategy.  Eskil has a global network of facilitators to draw on the existing knowledge of the delegate(s), and to then facilitate access …

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Middle East Workshops

Eskil Middle East designs builds and delivers learning & development for a Middle Eastern audience.  What is different about our Middle East workshops is that we use our own Intellectual Property as well as over 100 different workshop activities.  We have a Middle Eastern presence with Arabic & European facilitators delivering work to high standards that …

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Middle East Learning

Eskil is a premium Middle East learning & development experiences company.  We design solutions specific to your needs and work with you to build powerful corporate education through business psychology, serious games, simulators, and specialist speakers. We deliver solutions to you both onsite & offsite including team & leadership retreats. Eskil facilitates focused 1:1 learning …

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Scalable Learning

As business consultants, we work with a wide variety of clients at leadership and management levels.  We focus the majority of our time on supporting clients in the achievement of corporate strategy through scalable learning & development interventions. With over 100 facilitation activities and business games, you can commission us to deliver dedicated programs ranging …

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Open Workshops

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Corporate Workshops

The success of an organization rests with a number of capabilities including the skills of the board, clear strategy, enterprise-wide leadership traits, collaboration, consensus and employee engagement.  Learning & Development is key to your long-term corporate success – Eskil’s Corporate Workshops support your Learning & Development commitment. We access a wide array of activities and …

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Experiential Learning

Eskil is an experiential learning company Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience.  It is more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”. We’ve all gone through an education system: primary and secondary schooling; college and / or university; corporate workshops – and we all have different educational experiences. One of the …

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Organizational Development – The Case For L&D

We live in interesting times.  Previous economic fluctuations saw development budgets being wound back but it is harder to justify it this time round.  Macro changes are taking place, disruptors are aggressively entering markets, customer expectations are growing.  Your organizational development is a key measurement of your L&D ROI. Eskil has been involved in boardroom …

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