Eskil works extensively in psychology, communications & behaviours - this is a London Workshop about psychological safety

Speaking up at work can be difficult and this can be a result of a culture that stops us from communicating.  We worry what colleagues will say (and what our boss will think).  By fostering psychological safety, all employees can feel safe to speak up.

One of our primary areas of interest is psychological safety in the workplace.  Our work in this field covers psychology, communications, and behaviours.

Regardless of what you are doing – whether it’s with family, friends, or colleagues – we need to be able to communicate.

To achieve anything meaningful, we go further and faster when we collaborate.

A sense of psychological safety is critical.  We want to be able to speak our mind and to know that we will be listened to.  In doing so, we want to see that our opinions are as valid as anyone else’s.

In the workplace, so much relies on psychological safety.  We see causal links between this sense of safety and innovation, productivity, acceptance of change, and more.

Likewise, in the social context, we want to feel the same kind of psychological safety within our friends and family.

There are direct links between psychological safety and a person’s happiness and productivity.  Here is a half-day workshop to cover one of the key elements of this: how we communicate.

Practical & Applicable

In this four-hour session we will:

  • Explore the benefits of psychological safety in the workplace and home
  • Look at what’s ‘below-the-line’ – what interferes with the receipt of information
  • Practice the art of the conversation to build rapport, empathy, and trust
  • Consider how to build a relationship with someone with different opinions

This half-day is a fantastic introduction to building a stronger culture within a team or the wider organisation.

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