Director Capabilities

Eskil is a boardroom development company - supporting boards in such areas as governance, compliance, ethics as well as the focus shift to the future board - our programs help SLT and SMT to develop director capabilities

The success of an organization rests with capability & capacity: having enough people of a consistently high quality from the boardroom through to individual team members further down the hierarchy.  Eskil has a particular focus on Director Capabilities.

As part of our commitment to board director capabilities and we do that at GCC BDI by sharing best board practices and effective corporate governance, in order to raise the level of board effectiveness in the GCC.

Our 3 essential core director programs are:

  1. Step Up to Leadership
  2. Foundations of Directorship
  3. Mastering the Boardroom

Our psychology-based activities include:

  • Executive Search – approaching the process from a consultancy as opposed to a percentage-fee basis.  Identification, assessment and interviewing of senior candidates with a follow-on coaching pathway for on boarding.
  • Performance – intervention and turnaround of underperformance incorporating communications, mindset and attitude as we co-work on new behaviours.
  • Tailored Learning Interventions – 1:1 engagement with your key people including psychology, behaviours, talking therapy, follow-on coaching as we address very specific issues and opportunities that lie ahead.


Contact Information

For further information about Eskil:

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