Eskil PGCE : Eskil is an international boardroom development company incorporating applied business psychology and facilitation skills with clients in Middle East, Europe, Africa and America

  • Eskil PGCE is the 4-point engagement model deployed in boardroom development including projects guidance consultancy education

Eskil’s 4-point engagement model is branded as Eskil® PGCE™.  It is the framework for both our boardroom and wider organisational development activity.  This blended approach incorporates projects, guidance, consultancy, and education.

In our experience, you may engage with Eskil from different entry points (e.g. bringing us in to brief your board on a point of governance, facilitation to articulate and / or resolve an issue) but you have the opportunity to access a wide range of services, delivered by an international network of facilitators.

Eskil PGCE

Projects – commissioned by the board and / or individual directors to undertake discrete, standalone projects with a specific focus on boardroom development.  This may include KPI definition, determining sentiment / engagement outside of the boardroom, or even senior level recruitment / resourcing.  In many cases, our facilitators can apply their boardroom expertise in providing senior support to organizational development programs.

Guidance – with a foundation of various psychology tools, methods, and approaches, Eskil provides executive coaching, performance coaching, change coaching, mentoring, and critical friendship to your key personnel.

Consultancy – at all levels within our boardroom development model sits ‘consultancy’: the audit and review of many aspects of the board as well as definition of your boardroom, board composition, policy writing, and more.

Education – whether through our personalized Tailored Learning program, Open Workshops or onsite facilitated workshops, Eskil provides blended boardroom education incorporating dialogic facilitation, elearning, serious games, and mentoring.

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