Eskil delivers Middle East Training in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - this includes focused learning & development aligned to corporate strategy

Eskil’s Middle East Training  is all about focused learning.  We consider focused learning to be something that goes beyond the delivery of short courses and programs but becomes an integral part of your strategy.  Eskil has a global network of facilitators to draw on the existing knowledge of the delegate(s), and to then facilitate access to new knowledge.

Our team uses dialogic learning (learning that takes place through dialogue) and encourages group discussion and activity.  This means that your people have room to think and speak as well as take part in activities.  We rarely use slide decks in our workshops as this can be too limiting.  Likewise, a key element of our focused learning & development is making sure that the new knowledge is applied back into the organization.

Using applied business psychology, e-learning and serious games, our facilitators provoke learning by facilitating a conversation about the topic rather than simply instructing delegates directly.

We believe that effective facilitation requires internal verification to ensure that delegates are going on a journey of discovery in a way that is not ‘contaminated’ by the facilitator – all of our work is reviewed by our UK-based Quality Management team as well as our partners in MSA University.

What to expect from Eskil’s focused learning

  • workshops designed to suit the diversity and needs of the participants;
  • content set out to support your corporate goals;
  • focused learning where we encourage open discussion and keep the agenda on track;
  • emphasis on collaborative working and achieving consensus;
  • establish your existing knowledge, build on it and keep it relevant:
  • encourage open and honest discussion;
  • act in a ‘content neutral’ manner;
  • providing a framework for peer-peer discussions with a focus on developing new understanding;
  • language capabilities include Arabic, Dutch, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish

To organise a discussion regarding Middle East training:

Contact: Elias Fikany
Cell: +961 70 104 265
Email: [email protected]

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