Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility

5-Day Workshop


Eskil's facilitated workshop on implementing corporate social responsibility is a 5-day engagement delivered in the Middle East, UK, Africa, North America and Caribbean     Eskil's facilitated workshop on implementing corporate social responsibility is a 5-day engagement delivered in the Middle East, UK, Africa, North America and Caribbean

Key Details

A 2015 study found that organisations that had a genuine commitment to building your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) substantially outperformed those that did not, with an average return on assets 19 times higher.
The establishment of a CSR strategy is a crucial component of a company’s competitiveness and something that should be led by the firm itself.

This means building your CSR and embedding it into policies and procedures which integrate and satisfy social, environmental, ethical, human rights or consumer concerns – all in close collaboration with stakeholders.

The workshop explores the frameworks of CSR and good corporate governance.

Whether you are a private sector organisation seeking to introduce ethical practices or you are a public sector organisation focusing on building your commercial capabilities whilst retaining your public service principles, then building your CSR is a key issue.
Now, more than ever, there is a need to be ‘corporate with a conscience’ - to balance profitability with (local and international) community engagement a well as all ecological considerations. Whether your are in the private sector or the public sector, do you have the commitment and the plan in place?
This output-driven workshop focuses on the creation of your own approach to the Quadruple Bottom Line (balancing profitability with community, ecology and innovation) and ensuring that it is in alignment with your vision and values. During the 5 days, focusing on your Quadruple Bottom Line, such outcomes include:
  • understand the UN Global Compact and what it means to your organisation;
  • understand your organisation's current CSR commitment;
  • assess your current CSR plan;
  • have clarity on what your stakeholders think of CSR;
  • review your income streams and check against your CSR;
  • set out your CSR Commitments;
  • develop a CSR Strategy that aligns to your corporate vision and values;
  • move your CSR away from box-ticking into being a central element in your corporate strategy;
  • build an ethical supply chain;
  • balance profitability with ethical practices;
  • create a complete stakeholder map including communication plans;
  • develop a CSR Implementation Plan; and
  • develop a future-proof organisation
We have successfully delivered our 'Building Your CSR; workshop to people interested in:
  • Enabling private sector organizations to develop their corporate social responsibilities
  • Helping Public sector / NGOs to develop their commercial agenda without compromising public service values;
  • Senior stakeholders seeking to understand the strategic and operational impact of CSR; and
  • People involved in Corporate Affairs
The workshop was very well run with two facilitators experienced in governance and corporate social responsibility. There was an emphasis on ethics which was very interesting. I liked how we were given time for the exercises and for open discussions without feeling like we were being hurried on to another part of the workshop. It felt very natural and friendly.
VR, Business Services, Germany

We had the pleasure of working with Neil mid-October 2016 to further develop our framework for Corporate Social Responsibility. Neil demonstrates impressive knowledge in this field and he is very skilled in transferring this in a practical way to our business needs. I can strongly recommend Neil.
EH, CEO, Military Services, Norway


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