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Eskil benefits from an international facilitator network.  Our corporate facilitators have experience of working with senior leadership teams and senior management teams in both the public & private sectors.

Work delivered includes executive coaching, board mentoring, governance & compliance, leadership development, boardroom dynamics and more.

Eskil Leadership Team

Facilitation, Training, Advice, Consultancy

Neil Fogarty is a business writer, speaker, advisor and facilitator. He is CEO of the international boardroom development company, Eskil. In 2018, he confirmed his role working with the Association For Business Psychology

Neil Fogarty

United Kingdom, Africa, Caribbean, Middle East

Neil’s background includes the startup and scaleup of a number of multi-million dollar organizations as well as a Business Director with the highly-respected public sector business services company, Tribal Group.

Michelle Fogarty

United Kingdom, Caribbean, Middle East

Michelle has a background in the startup and scaleup of a series of international enterprises as well as a solid background with NHS, education and local government; all with an emphasis on family & children services.

Eskil Middle East

Facilitation, Training, Advice, Consultancy

Elias Fikany is a Director with Eskil, responsible for the MENA region.
Elias Fikany
Director, Middle East

Gaby Saghbini is a Director with Eskil, responsible for the MENA region.
Gaby Saghbini
Director, Middle East

Carol Baliki is a Senior Consultant with Eskil, responsible for the MENA region.
Carol Baliki
HR Consultant, Middle East

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