Multi-Level Intervention Turnaround

Eskil Condition Recondition is a 100-day multi-level intervention turnaround program for the boardroom, leadership, high performing teams and key individuals - delivered in UK Europe GCC New York

We often use the phrase “every issue is an opportunity; every opportunity is an issue”.  Either way, if your organization is going through any form of change, it is likely that your key person will benefit from our 100-day multi-level intervention turnaround program, Condition / Recondition.  

Multi-level intervention

When we think of intervention and turnaround, the default is to think of corporations bringing in specialists to stop the decline and fix the problem.  In many respects, the same thing applies at the divisional and departmental level.

Eskil has taken this further by applying the principles at the individual level too.

In much the same way as at the corporate level, Eskil’s Condition / Recondition is here to help.

  • Discuss the issue with stakeholders and the individual to help determine the core opportunity
  • Assess the psychology of the individual
  • Reflect with the individual as they explore the causes and effects of the situation
  • Challenge & Support the individual – helping them to review and modify their world view as they build new knowledge
  • Collaborate with key stakeholders to support the evolution of the individual
  • Close of the engagement – we work to 100 days so that everyone knows from the outset that there is an end-point

Every issue is an opportunity

Issues and opportunities, to a degree are a reflection of mindset.  For example, someone with a signature emotional intelligence strength of ‘optimism’ will see opportunities everywhere.  Some are internal issues with an opportunity for resolution which, in turn, improve the business.  You may have an aggrieved customer and there is an opportunity not just to resolve the problem but exceed expectations.  Importantly, in both cases, the opportunities exist for embedding new process and modifying your culture.

At the time, however, your head is down, focused on the immediate fix.

Even with the examples above, we can see that, at the heart of these, your people play a key role.

More obvious ‘people’ issues are around performance – whether it’s dynamics, conflict, motivation, communication, collaboration… your people are the key.

The focus of our Condition / Recondition model is determined by the ambitions of the key stakeholders.  Our intervention turnaround model exploits key strengths whilst addressing underlying causes for non-performance.

Being mentored by Neil is not always comfortable but the challenges posed are always focused on exposing the underlying currents that constrain or inhibit positive action. There is no room to either hide or procrastinate so whilst I whole heartily endorse Neil as an effective business mentor, beware, he will challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone.

Every opportunity is an issue

This is a less-obvious area of organizational performance.

There is a lot of money invested into the intervention turnaround aspect of Condition / Recondition.  This is due to results being measured quite easily (‘have they improved?’).

When it comes to ‘opportunities’, it is less evident but it is just as crucial (if not, more so).

You have people progressing through the organisation – some are fast-tracked and some are being promoted because (harsh reality), they are the best of a bad bunch.

Your key people may have the right kind of ‘hard skills’ (technology, on-the-job experiences).  Our program is an opportunity to work on communications, mindset, psychology and more besides.

In this instance, we are, again, looking to leverage strengths and build the areas for improvement.

Facilitating Intervention Turnaround

As we see that every issue is an opportunity and every opportunity is an issue, the key thing for us is that we talk with the key stakeholders.  Any deployment of Condition / Recondition has to be aligned to corporate strategies and needs to have the full support of your main people.

After the initial consultation with the stakeholders, we sit down with the individual themselves.  This gives us a chance to build an appreciation of the situation from their point of view.

Beyond this, we use a blend of business psychology, mentoring, coaching, and critical friendship with a target of stepping back on day 100 with a facilitated meeting between the stakeholder(s) and the individual.

On working with one sales professional in a UK Plc, the complaint was made that “the underperformer is getting more attention than we are”.  The reply was simple, “when you’re the biggest underperformer, you’ll get the same treatment”.

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