Eskil Leadership Development and Management Development Programs are based on psychology, facilitation and Leader Language LLQi

With regards to leadership development and management development programmes, don’t talk about how until you know the why.

What makes your leadership development programme or a management development programme so essential?

We know that there are global mega trends (climate & resource limits, shifting social demographics, economic strength moving to Africa, AI, etc.).  Let’s not forget the local, national and international impact of such initiatives as Brexit on the European region.  In the Middle East, we also have GCC initiative to employ its citizens in the public and private sectors (e.g. Emiratization, Omanization, Qatarization, Saudization)

Leadership traits calls for the ability to look outside and beyond the organisation and so an awareness of macro activities are important.  This acknowledgement of immediate and longer-term change helps to inform the “why” for you.  

When you first speak with Eskil, we ask you cost-based questions (the financial impacts of not doing) before we explore value with you.

What will be the upsides of you doing something about the issues affecting your business (or on / over the horizon)?

Eskil is an international facilitation company delivering boardroom development and organizational development - based in Europe, operating on four continents, Eskil delivers projects, consultancy, training and mentoring to Leadership, Teams and Key Individuals

Leadership & Management Development Programmes show that you have a plan

Organisations that prepare for the future are the ones predisposed to benefit from it.  These are times of ambiguity and uncertainty that demands a workforce comfortable with the modern landscape.  Old style training & certificates are of another age – so if you know why you want to develop leaders and managers, what are you going to do about it?

Leadership & Management Development

Client Consultation
No two organizations are the same.  We start from different points with different aspirations underpinned by a variety of cultures, strategies, and challenges. Eskil consults with your key stakeholders to determine why you are running with the program.  This conversation also explores what your desired outcomes are.
Psychology Assessment
Eskil and its Associates are certified in the use of different psychology assessment tools.  These include Emotional Intelligence, The Big Five Personality Traits (via NEO-PI-R), DISC, HBDI, MBTI, 16PF, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument and more. Our 360-degree assessments form the foundation of education programme and also the coaching pathway.
Leader Language : LLQi
LLQi is a communications model developed around such approaches as emotional intelligence, Self-Determination Theory, and Person-Centred Communications. It is the foundation for a balanced, non-directional, adult-adult culture at all levels in the organisation.
Critical Friendship
Trained in the disciplines of counselling, coaching & mentoring, we develop your individual and team capability. We facilitate executive coaching, individual counselling, performance coaching, mentoring and critical friendship. Our work is founded on the use of various assessment approaches (psychology, behaviour, personality). Your relationship with an Eskil critical friend supports learning within the program and ensures that what is learned is embedded.
Virtual Classrooms
Eskil further embeds learning through the virtual classroom – quick-hit online sessions to remind participants about what has been discussed and to explore any particular issues. We encourage crowdlearning – facilitating your discussion but encouraging peer-discussions as a way to build skills and to ensure that the reliance on Eskil diminishes by the end of the programme.
Value For Money
It doesn’t matter what is on offer, we know that finance is an issue. This is why we invest time in discussing cost / value before we begin to design the programme. If you don’t see a value, and the value isn’t demonstrably realised, then it is a waste of money. Expect to ring fence a budget; expect to see it as an investment rather than an expenditure – and expect results!

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