The methodology that Eskil uses for its Middle East training is based around learner-centred development : putting your people at the heart of the process.  This is a reflection of our commitment to the IAF

Whereas many training companies will have a standard slide deck to deliver to your people, we work from the centre.  Learner-centred development focuses on the needs of the client and the needs of the participant before designing the workshop.

We take into account extravert and introvert participants and the different learning styles as we build the workshop.  The content of our workshops have over 85% of the time dedicated to activities to ensure learning through action.

The workshop process is simple enough:

  • Introduction to a concept
  • Discussion as a group
  • Exploration of the concept through activity
  • Reflection on what we have discovered

Learner-centred development of key people

How do you support and manage high performers when they are struggling?

In addition to learner-centred workshops, we provide individual tailored learning interventions – working with key people 1:1 to address specific issues.  In this instance, we work with people who are moving up through the organization (this includes special projects as well as promotion) where they may have the technical skills but need support with such aspects as communications, behaviours, and psychology.

On the flip-side, you may have people in teams who are underperforming.  For example, your best sales person has a bad quarter – what’s going on and how do we resolve it?  Or, maybe, you have a team member who has started to be disruptive and aggressive in the office.  Sometimes, organizations don’t have the time to resolve this – Eskil can help with our 100-day resolution programme.

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