Headquartered in Cairo, Eskil Middle East Training was founded in 2001 to provide constructive challenge to organizations during times of global and local change.

A key part of the international boardroom development company, Eskil, we are one of the fastest growing Middle East Learning & Development companies.

Our foundation is in applied business psychology, performance-driven engagements and the use of facilitation.  The ethos of our business is simple: “we don’t like boring”.

This means that we concentrate on exceptional environments & venues, highly engaging activities, abolishing boring slidedecks, and working with inspirational people.

Our mission is this – empower people to reach further; equip them with the tools and attitudes to achieve; embed the new knowledge.Eskil Middle East Training is delivered in Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain

We understand that it costs a lot in terms of time and money for your key people to be out of the office and ‘off the grid’.

Whether you are the CEO, a director or a senior manager, the impact of you being unavailable can be hard – and this in itself is a great reason for attending one of our short courses: your organization should be able to operate on a day-to-day basis without you there.

We work with leaders, managers, teams and key individuals.  Speak with Eskil about Middl East training about your commitment to building employee capability.

To organise a discussion regarding Middle East training:

Contact: Elias Fikany
Cell: +961 70 104 265
Email: efikany@eskil.co
Website: eskil.co

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