Eskil is an international boardroom development company and one of its areas of excellence is in team performance - working with the boardroom as well as teams further down in the structure as we future-proof your organization

Team Performance

“Stellar teams are invariably made up of quirky individuals who typically rub each other raw, but they figure out – with the spiritual help of a gifted leader – how to be their peculiar selves and how to win championships as a team…at the same time.”  (Source: Tom Peters)

The engagement with and success of teams is crucial to the success of leaders.  Whether this is boardroom dynamics, workforce emotional intelligence, projects, matrix management, etc., the key issue is that cohesive and motivated teams are critical.

Team performance relies upon individual emotional intelligence: rapport, empathy, straightforwardness and more.

Elements of team performance…

  • Identifying and playing to the strengths of individuals – and making it clear as to who does what
  • Clear communications –  each team member should understand their contribution
  • Trust – ensuring that every member is feel comfortable discussing work-related issues with colleagues in resolving issues
  • Communication and relationships – in times of pressure / stress, you want to know that the team is still functioning: that roles are clearly defined, information is being exchanged and conflicts are managed
  • Adaptability – the ability of individuals to embrace (and ideally seek out) opportunities for change
  • Commercial awareness – teams need to understand the commercial impact of activities (overuse of meetings, control of spend, identification of ROI, modified view of risk, etc.)
  • Skill balance – whilst we strive for complementary skill sets to create the balanced team, we have to accept that there will be conflict points
  • Powerful branding – teams with a reputation for being collaborative, innovative and communicative with a history of success are not only well-respected in an organization but also sought out for ongoing engagement.
  • Good leadership can motivate and empower a team
  • Distributed authority – teams that can work through consensus, collaborative decision-making, and in an empowered, supportive environment can add great value to the organization as a whole – and this also engenders as sense of collective responsibility
  • Morale & Mindfulness – high morale builds a sense of togetherness as well as a culture of openness, collaboration and positivity – we all know when a team is happy and when things start to drift, we need to spot it and address it


Benefits of great team performance

  • fosters creativity & learning;
  • develops positive conflict;
  • builds trust;
  • promotes a sense of responsibility / ownership;
  • encourages a modified view of risk;
  • reduces resistance to change; and
  • nurtures your internal knowledge base.

Take Them On, On Your Own

"intermediate-level half-day team performance workshop to identify opportunities for improvement, and develop a detailed action plan"

The Colour And The Shape

"intermediate-level half-day team performance workshop on collaborative working via brainstorming, idea priorities & problem solving"

The Sun And The Rainfall

"foundation-level half-day team performance workshop with a focus on building a collective understanding of key issues"

Whatever Happened To My Rock No Roll?

"intermediate-level half-day team performance workshop facilitated by Eskil with a focus on improving key data that the team is measured by"

When Does Enough Become Enough?

"one-day team performance workshop with a focus on looking at a problem from different angles before setting out the implementation plan"

Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On

"an intermediate-level half-day team performance workshop facilitated by Eskil on the subject of effective decision making"


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