Engage & Mobilise Your Key People

It’s reported by such organisations as the Society for HR Management (SHRM) that it can cost as much as 450% of salary for you to replace one of your key people.

Straight off, this seems like a lot: a gross exaggeration. 

But, if you have a management team of 5, each being paid £50,000 per annum and 1 of them leaves, consider this:

  • the impact of the declining performance before leaving

  • recruitment fees

  • onboarding

  • working new people up to optimal performance levels

  • effect on colleagues left behind

All of this can add up to it as much as £200-225,000.  What happens if one leaving causes a former colleague to consider their position?

The lack of employee engagement is a billion pound problem and we know that one of the main drivers of an employee’s engagement in an organisation is their boss.

Eskil® has a toolkit that provides a practical approach for clients to address key issues related to engaging employees. 

This one-day workshop is for people in leadership roles, management roles and HR as we explore some of the causes & effects of disengagement. 

Participants will receive  our toolkit and will work with fellow attendants to peer-review and develop your understanding of your key people.