Our Partners

Eskil partners with organisations to support our delivery in UK, Europe, Africa, Caribbean and Middle East. Our partners are committed to the success of Eskil!

Eskil works with Associates and Partners in the development of boardroom-driven solutions.  Our partners come from such backgrounds as psychology, education, HR consultancy, trade consultancy and more.

An Eskil Associate is an individual deployed for a specific activity (e.g. facilitation of an event) and an Eskil Partner is an organisation with a wider involvement including joint ventures in sales, marketing, projects, etc.


TradeBridge is a Ghanaian based trade support institution working in partnership with Eskil.  This African enterprise has supported several trade missions created to facilitate the exchange of opportunities and ideas between regional entrepreneurs.  Leveraging local understanding of different countries, TradeBridge also facilitates the subsequent partnership engagements to ensure the success of the venture.


Partnered with Eskil from their HQ in Barbados, Spark Global Business Caribbean provides training in the field of entrepreneurship. Eskil supports their core programs through work in boardroom development, leadership traits, workplace psychology, strategy, and intrapreneurship.

United Kingdom

Located in the UK, Psynergie offers a range of bespoke consultancy services integrating psychological principles into business to effect organisational development and increased productivity.   Work successfully delivered includes: leadership assessment & development; team building; change management; recruitment; performance; employee engagement; organisation or department culture; training; reward management.

Middle East

Based in Cairo, Egypt, MSA University Corporate & Business Services Division (CBSD) provides a wide range of professional services that meet business needs in the Middle East.  Eskil works with MSA CBSD in the design and delivery of certified education programs ranging from 0.5-day seminars through to 12-month development programs.

Central Europe

Launched in 1999 in Croatia, Janus PIM focuses on HR management, consulting, HR surveys, corporate  training, surveys, team building and incentive programs.  They are considered to be leaders of modern business education and HR consulting with a successful history if projects in finance, IT, pharmaceutical, construction, the public sectors and more.

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