Eskil delivers Middle East Training in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - this includes scaleable learning & development and internal academies

As business consultants, we work with a wide variety of clients at leadership and management levels.  We focus the majority of our time on supporting clients in the achievement of corporate strategy through scalable learning & development interventions.

With over 100 facilitation activities and business games, you can commission us to deliver dedicated programs ranging from facilitating a 90-minute workshop through to the design, build and delivery of 12-month skill academies.

Tailored Learning – working with key individuals on a one : one basis, understanding your ambitions and using key point training, coaching, mentoring and shadowing as as way to expand your knowledge.

Issue-Based Workshops – consulting with your leadership in order to identify and articulate issues and opportunities.  From there, we collaboratively build 0.5-4 day workshops to explore.  This can include idea generation, problem resolution, securing consensus, decision making, action planning, and so on.

Academies – as organisations are becoming more focused on contextual knowledge where information learned can be practically applied, we are seeing a rise in the number of internal academies.

Your internal academy is a structured system for developing your people. We work with you to build a portfolio of  programs around core competencies.  Our proprietary methodologies bring new levels of competence to psychology, communications and behaviours.

Our trainers and facilitators work with written material, instructor-led classroom training, dialogic facilitation, digital learning, mentoring and coaching.

One of the key elements of an Academy is that it runs across the organisation as well as vertically.  For example, “negotiation” can impact sales, procurement, change, conflict and more besides.  Let’s not assume that a Sales Academy is only for sales people!  This cross-enterprise approach helps to build internal networks, team cohesion and, ultimately, productivity.

Build your own Academy

One of the points that we always stress is that the majority of your own Academy is already in place.  You need to know that the organisation can achieve your corporate strategies.  Honest discussions with the heads of teams can help you to understand where the capability gaps are.

During this part of the process, we capture what is fit-for-purpose and add it to the building blocks for your Academy.

Once we have clarity on the corporate ambition and the current capability, we can widen the conversation.  By building your own advisory board, your staff engage with colleagues to define what the Academy needs to offer.  We provide the independent head of the advisory board as the representative of the corporate strategy.

As we are focusing on scalable learning, we are reinforcing the point that new knowledge should be accessible through a variety of methods.  This is definitely not just a collection of workshops!

Scalable Learning

Remember that larger education programs are usually a modular build.  If you have a sales team exploring large account management, there will be aspects of psychology, communications, stakeholder mapping, etc.

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