Eskil delivers Middle East Training in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - this includes serious play, serious game and business games

To support our development interventions, Eskil uses serious play, serious games and business games.  Such approaches help to build new knowledge.  Our corporate workshops are a ‘sandbox’ for you to play in and also the kick-off for new and relevant action.

We focus on building environments enabling the rapid exchange of knowledge and mapping out how to apply it.

Beyond that, we look at how to embed the new knowledge and create a culture where your colleagues are supporting each other.

Knowledge transfer through learning technology

The key element of our learning technology is the flexible use of gamified e-learning for the transfer of ‘hard knowledge’ – transferring data from us to you. This gives us more time in the classroom to explore the principles of a theory through practical activity.

Serious games are becoming increasingly used in military, corporate, education, and health care organizations from around the world. Through our partners, we offer a series of serious games for your key people to explore certain business principles.

Through partners, we access a library of serious games: 1-2 hour events that build your knowledge in an engaging way. With established educational goals embedded into the game, we  evaluate your actions in-game, allowing you to explore and develop your own understanding before we have our wash-up session.

During the game, you are confronted with virtual situations similar to those found in your day job. You make choices based on what is happening in the scene and our evaluation is generated from those choices.  Each choice has a consequence on the next scene – you can get from A to B by taking many paths.

The great thing about e-learning and serious games is that, as a delegate, you have access to these beyond the life of the workshop as we work to ensure that your education is sustainable.

Serious Play

We love LEGO® Serious Play as a way to unlock conversations in the room.  The majority of facilitators with our international network are LEGO Serious Play Facilitators.  We have experience of using serious play and serious games in leadership development, management development and team success programs.

Using learning technology to embed the new knowledge

After any workshop, we are aware of the risk of forgetting and work to mitigate the risk through Virtual Classrooms – a follow-up session with the participants where they log into a secure conference room for us to re-cap material.

We are also able to work with you to design your own library of e-learning modules as a way to manage your learning & development budgets in the future.

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