Marie-Agnes Delvaux has been a consultant, coach and facilitator for more than 25 years.  Having a solid ‘hands-on’ experience in the business world, she understands the international and multicultural environment very well.

She has set up ambitious projects in France, Spain, Italy and US.
Because she can identify with the American approach to behavioral change, she has followed the coaching program given by Jack Canfield coaches.
Her way of working is pragmatic, inspiring and results oriented as she focuses her approach on the professional and personal development of people mindset, attitude and transformation.

Qualifications: Certified Facilitator – CNOF Paris; Interactive Learning and Facilitation – TOC Netherlands

Fluent Languages: French; English; Spanish

Business Issues: Making a difference by helping companies to generate new perspective by experiencing authentic transformational leadership, and implementing new successful patterns; creating Team Cohesiveness by generating clear, quality communication between people and implementing new behaviours, towards the team common goals

Organizations worked with: Midas; Albemarle; Solvay; Mercedes; Velux; Bank in Luxemburg; AWEurope; GSK; BICS

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    Boardroom Dynamics
    Executive Coaching
    Leadership Development