Olga Hypponen is a business psychologist and a coach, who helps individuals and organizations.

Her style incorporates a holistic approach to development and transformation and focuses on cognitive, emotional and somatic elements to help her clients build a clearer picture of their goals, overcome psychological resistance, build resilience, break old habits and effectively learn new behaviours and thinking.

Qualifications: BA Hons Psychology, MSc Occupational Psychology, Occupational Testing (BPS)

Fluent Languages: English; Russian

Business Issues: Collaboration, innovative thinking, strategic thinking, high potential development, leadership development, team building, change management, talent pipeline, selection of high calibre candidates, increasing capability to think and act strategically, culture change

Organizations worked with: Northern Rock, Barclays, Post Office, NHS, legal sector, insurance, transportation.

    Boardroom Dynamics
    Executive Coaching
    Leadership Development
    Achieving Consensus