The Training Business Case

The international boardroom development company, Eskil launched Eskil Training in 2016 to provide Middle East Learning & Development with a focus on delivering.  This includes building the business case for learning & development.  We can help build your training business case.

Many members of our team have been involved in procurement / commissioning of training.  We have often asked the question, “what makes you different?” and far too many companies had no answer.  When we launched Eskil, we developed the business model in order to answer this question.  We have to show a value (and believe in our value) as we create learning & development to justify your business case for training.

Whether you are attending our in-house (corporate) or our open workshops, you want to know that you are going to get value for money.

Business Case For Learning & Development

And the future…

We are now looking to speak to key decision makers about corporate strategy and how learning & development can support your plans.  We work with you in setting out the business case as well as designing full programmes to ensure that your objectives are met by a motivated, focused and engaged workforce.

Facilitators within Eskil’s network are former CEOs / Directors for $50m+ organizations or leadership experts.  The majority of the facilitators are multi-lingual and have a background in applied business psychology.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your own business case for training.