Eskil delivers Middle East Training in Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia - this includes helping to show a training ROI

Eskil’s commitment to Learning & Development including seeking out the Training ROI – the return on your investment into education.

Our six-step approach to facilitating your learning & development intervention uses a blend of approaches with a focus on putting the stakeholders at the center of the whole experience.

This includes showing a return and our preparation, delivery and follow-up approaches all serve to ensure that you realize an ROI.

Every Eskil employee has been on the other side – we have received training, sat in workshops, attended higher and / or further education. We know what it takes to get the best of your learning.

Simply, meeting us at a venue for learning & development is not the total solution.  To ensure that you secure a measurable ROI on your executive learning, our approach to a workshop includes:

Before the event

  • Consultation with key stakeholders to understand the context of the intervention;
  • Planning out an agenda for the intervention that aligns with timing and participant requirements and has a good agenda ‘flow’;
  • Agreeing with key stakeholders to ensure that the learning outcomes from the session align to the corporate ambition;
  • Assessment & selection of a suitable venue for the session;
  • Room(s) set out to accommodate any specific participant requirements;
  • Participants invited to complete individual and / or 360-degree psychology assessments;
  • Option for provision of preparatory resources (PDF and Video)

During the event

  • Assigning one facilitator for every fourteen delegates;
  • Delivered in Arabic and / or English;
  • Option for women-only events;
  • Designed for different personalities and psychologies
  • Accessing business theories including Six Hats, Transactional Analysis, Holacracy, Blue Ocean Strategy, etc.;
  • Blend of discussion and activities – we do not deliver lectures;
  • Regular breaks;
  • Option for an outstanding delegate pack including branded workbooks

After the event

  • Post-event mentoring specific to the material covered;
  • Virtual classrooms for alumni
  • Feedback on the experience passed to our Quality Manager
  • Follow-up resources including further PDFs and Videos
  • Internal Verification of the outcomes of the event to validate the success of the facilitator

There is an advantage to investing in learning.

To organise a discussion regarding Middle East training:

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Cell: +961 70 104 265

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