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Neil Fogarty is announced as the Midlands Representative of the Association for Business Psychology.




Eskil CEO announced as regional representative of Association for Business Psychology

 WARWICK, UK, January  3, 2018 – Neil Fogarty, CEO of the international boardroom development company, Eskil has been appointed in a role as regional representative of the Association for Business Psychology.


Neil Fogarty is a business writer, speaker, advisor and facilitator. He is CEO of the international boardroom development company, Eskil.Neil began her career in IT in 1986 before progressing into business services in 1989.

After selling Mosaic Associates in 2000, he set up what became Eskil with a focus on working with business owners, divisional directors, managing directors and CEOs.

Working with public and private sector organizations in various countries, Neil is now an international business speaker, a contributor to both and Business in Gulf magazine in Bahrain.

In 2017, he was appointed as an Advisor to the Corporate & Business Services Division (CBSD) of MSA University in Cairo and is actively involved in building different corporate development models.

As the co-owner of Eskil, Neil has managed the merger of the business with Spark Najah in the Middle East and has developed partnerships in The Caribbean and West Africa.

The role with the ABP is very exciting – there is an opportunity to build the membership in the UK Midlands whilst engaging with organizations who are starting to use psychology methods, tools and approaches on a much broader scale.  Whether it is recruitment, conflict & mediation, change managment or building cohesiveness in the boardroom and down through the structure, we see psychology at play.

About Eskil

With an emphasis on organizational health, Eskil is an international boardroom development company, specialising in governance, compliance, ethics, strategy, leadership capability, boardroom dynamics and wider organization transformation / development.

Using their Eskil PGCE® methodology, the organization engages with public and private sector organisations on four continents:

  • Projects – assigned by boards or board members to work on discrete projects.  This also extends into senior support of business-critical programs.
  • Guidance – with a strong foundation in business psychology, Eskil provides executive coaching, mentoring and critical friendship to board members, senior leadership teams in senior management teams.
  • Consultancy – working on behalf of boards and board members in such areas as policy, audit, and review.
  • Education – delivery of seminars, briefing sessions and broader learning & development in leadership, board dynamics, collaboration, strategy, intrapreneurship and more.

Facilitators within Eskil’s network are former CEOs / Directors for $50m+ organizations or leadership experts.  The majority of the facilitators are multi-lingual and have a background in applied business psychology.

Contact Information

For further information about Eskil:

Contact: Scott Taylor
Tel.: +44.1926.497.211